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WORKSHOP: Writing Your Life

Kickstart your creativity as winter starts to bite

This has been a strange year, and one which has held tremendous challenges for all of us. The written word has brought solace, whether that is found in social media, a novel, a poem, or the script of a great TV series. Writing can not only help us, but inspire and support others.


As the days shorten and the calendar clicks over towards a fresh start in January, it's a great time to reflect on what you would like to write about from your life:

Do you have a great memoir within you?

Do you want to blog or journal, make sense of the world, or entertain?

What lockdown lessons or anecdotes would you like to share with others?

Join me on for a short workshop (1 hour 40 including a short break) on Saturday 28th November. Location: Online.

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When you have a specific question, or you need some focussed guidance

'I can't get past that first blank page.'

'Everyone says I have great concepts, but the dialogue is flat and boring.'

'My characters all seem the same.'

'I want to write my life story, where do I start?'

'When I look back over my work I see loads of problems. I can never get it right.'

Believe me, anything you've said to yourself, I've said something a hundred times worse to myself.

My aim is to nurture you, such that I eventually make myself redundant.

Work with me for a defined period of time and we'll look at what you need and how you can find the means to provide it for yourself.

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