Feed your creativity and work with words in a variety of forms

Theme-based sessions in the South East and at festivals

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When you have a specific question, or you need some focussed guidance

'I can't get past that first blank page.'

'Everyone says I have great concepts, but the dialogue is flat and boring.'

'My characters all seem the same.'

'I want to write my life story, where do I start?'

'When I look back over my work I see loads of problems. I can never get it right.'

Believe me, anything you've said to yourself, I've said something a hundred times worse to myself.

My aim is to nurture you, such that I eventually make myself redundant.

Work with me for a defined period of time and we'll look at what you need and how you can find the means to provide it for yourself.

  • Tansy Hawksley
  • Writer, music obsessive, food bore

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